An ode to my wonderful parents!

I belong to a family of professionals:

When I finished school, I was into a dilemma of sorts. Not that I wanted to study college or not but because I wanted to do a lot of things and it was not really possible. You see,  mum is an attorney at the Bar and my dad is a neurosurgeon. Growing up in a house where your parents are constantly disciplined and serious about their careers rubs something on to you.

I was a good student but I wanted to specialize in finance:

Financial studies beckoned and my parents like always never forced me into their line of thoughts. They believed and I am so thankful to the Lord that a child studies what it wants to study. Pushing or shoving him into something which he has no aptitude in is like punishment. And no one can come out better from a state like that.

What is use is education then?

It turns out to be counterproductive. A friend of mine who had more aptitude in fine arts was forced by his mother into securing an engineering college seat and I know how miserable that fellow performed. He had no basic foundation to such a course and ended up wasting quite a few years trying to decipher what it is that he exactly wants out of life. ‘

So, finance it was for me!

Throw in some economics, accounting sciences, and computers and I was set for a great learning time at college. I hit upon this excessively professional software called the QProfit System while I was interning in the first year of college. I was initially skeptical but what made me go for it was the fact that the initial deposit was only $250 and I could afford it from my pocket money of three months.

So, I got started!

And in a couple of weeks, unbelievably I had multiplied my initial investment by three times. I was on cloud nine! I had this instinct always that this software was good but so good? The best part is that online trading does not interfere with your day to day preoccupation. You can trade whenever you feel lucky, yes even in the middle of the night!

The online market never sleeps!
I mostly trade once I am done with my dinner and I spend a couple of hours on the laptop before I hit the sack. This works for me and trusts me I haven’t asked for pocket money from my surprised parents for the last three months! You can also read about QProfit Systems from their website or write to me for any queries that you think I can help you with.