Find Your Cryptocurrency Trading Style

Find Your Cryptocurrency Trading Style

Everycryptocurrency trader will have his own trading style. Some styles suit a person’s comfort level while others suit his goals.

The common trading styles could be scalping, range trading, day trading, position trading, intraday trading and swing trading.

Scalping is when the trader makes quick entry and exit. Day traders take trades that that cover off at the end of the trading day. Range traders trade on the current trading range. Intra-day trading is one that trader carries out during the whole course of the day. A positional trader takes a trade and holds on to it for along term. Investment trading is where the trader keeps the trades for months and years together.

The trading styles, this review, are more or less overlapping. The quickest trading method, however, is scalping and the slowest trading method is known as investment.

A trader trades on the style that suits him. He could also use a mix of some of the styles.

How do you judge your trading style?

You are the best judge to understand what your trading style is. To begin with try all of them out and then be honest to judge which trading style suits you the best. Thisisdependenton how you can control your emotions as well as the balance in your logic.

If a trading style is keeping you emotionally unstable and you are not able to control the trades then this is not your trading style. If you are taking losses continuously then probably you need to try out another style.

The quicker the trades the less risk you take on the trades. But this also means that the number of trades that you take increases. Because the number of trades increases it also makes the entire process very complicated.

Trading method for someone new to cryptocurrencies

Someone who is just starting out can start trading as a positional trader or just invest in the market. But this could also be stressful especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.

Cryptocurrency is a global market and thus any position that you carry over the night is set for uncommon movements at the time when you were sleeping. These are the risks that you have to cater to when you are holding the positions overnight.


When you are trading cryptocurrencies then find out the style that works for you and then stick to it. You can always refine the method and try it out and practice it till the time it is profitable. Do not switch your style very fast but give it time.