Fortunate Globally  

There is really something about being internationally successful. Investing in various global companies is more than just earning profits in different currencies. The exposure to the different products available in the global market is one of the prized experiences of a passionate trader. The automation of the trading world has only made it easier for the trader to reach out to different parts of the world.  

The different products that can truly make you fortunate in every way are:  

  • Stocks 

A stock entitles the owner to the fixed dividend. This payment is given priority over an ordinary share dividend. You can manage your stock trading online with the right 1G Profit System. 

  • Money Market Funds  

Also known as the money market mutual funds, this is an open-ended mutual fund that enables you to invest in the short term debt security such as the commercial paper. Money market funds are predominantly considered to be as safe as a deposit in the bank.  

  • International Stocks  

The international stock market can be both a physical place as well as a virtual one. Being part of this market is the passion of a professional trader.  

  • Options  

This is a type of derivative security. In the world of finance, it is a contract that can give the trader the right but not the obligation to sell or buy the underlying instrument or asset at a given price.  

  • Futures  

This is a financial contract that puts the trader under an obligation to purchase or sell an asset at a predetermined price.  

  • Bonds and fixed income products  

These investments provide the trader with a fixed income at regular intervals. It also includes bonds where you lend money to a corporation or a government which is known as an issuer.  

  • Exchange traded funds  

This is a kind of investment that can be traded in a stock exchange. This EFT is a marketable security is exchanged like a common stock. The price changes happen through the day for this security because they are sold and bought. It can be bought directly from a brokerage account similar to stock. They closely resemble index funds.  

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