How to Mine Bitcoin Personally

How to Mine Bitcoin Personally

Bitcoin mining is just like the mining of gold to verify the bitcoin transactions. It is carried out with the help of the computer where the specialized hardware and the software are needed. You can visit the websites and from this review, you can have an idea to mine the bitcoin safely.

1) Custom mining hardware

To overcome the difficulties in mining the bitcoin most powerful hardware is required. In 2018, Application-based integrated circuit miner has purchased t mine the bitcoin. While purchasing this you have to take care of the hashing power, its efficiency, and the price.

2) Buy a power supply            

The power supply you are buying should be compatible with the ASIC miner and it will consume a lot of the electric power. It is advisable to use a 20 amp outlet.

3) Obtain bitcoin wallet                                                              

Buy a local wallet for the storage of the bitcoin for the protection of your money.

4) Secure your wallet

Protect your wallet from the hackers by enabling two-factor authentications.

5) Pick a mining pool

In order to get high profit, you can select the established mining pool from the companies.

6) Connect the power supply to ASIC Miner

A number of cords are attached to the power supply and then connects all the cords to the ASIC miner hash boards. One cord should be joined to the ASIC miner control board.

7) ASIC miner to the router

By using the Ethernet cable connect the router to the ASIC miner.

8) Boot up the ASIC Miner

To boot up the ASIC miner by plugging in the power supply. The LED indicator will be present on the ASIC miner to show whether it is fully booted.

9) Type routers IP address in the browser

In the admin page of the router’s network, you will get the IP address and you type this in the web browser.

10) Find connected devices

There will be a button which shows the connection of devices to the router and you can get the ASIC miner.

11) Click on ASIC Miner

Click on the ASIC miner to get the information of the device.

12) Copy and paste IP address of ASIC Miner

Copy the IP address from the display and paste it into the browser and opens the admin page of ASIC miner.

13) Log into the ASIC Miner

In the user’s manual default login will be present.

14) Click miner configuration

Mining will be started when the booting the ASIC miner. To set up the miner clicks the miner configuration.

15) Click save

Type the URL and save the information and the mining is started. By using bitcoin mining calculator calculate the profit.